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Curriculum and Instruction

Our INSTRUCTION Vision Because all curriculum is online, anyone can learn almost anything, from any place, at any time ... access to learning is 24/7 for Lindsay learners. Our LEARNING Vision All Lindsay learners leave our school system with the opportunity to choose the future they desire ... graduates are ready for college, for employment, and/or for creatively designing their own future.

A MESSAGE FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION Beginning in 2007, LUSD valued the belief that "children learn in different ways and different time frames.” We created a future-focused Strategic Design that has driven our transformation from the traditional, time-based system, to a Performance-Based System (PBS).
In Lindsay, we take great pride in our transformational work and continue to focus on becoming a 21st-century learning community where grade levels are non-existent and each learner receives a personalized education.