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Employee Notifications

LUSD Handbook: (2021-2022) The LUSD employee handbook provides important information related to your employment with the District including requirements and policies. Standard Operating Procedure: Employee Illness Related to COVID19 Notifications: The items listed below are given at time of initial employment and should be reviewed once a year thereafter.


(Government and Management Using Technology) is a resource that incorporates our District Policies, Regulations, and Exhibits onto one website. To access the Lindsay Unified School District Board Policies, click on the following Lindsay Gamut Online

The items below provide details to commonly referred to District Policies, Regulations, and Exhibits:

  • Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting: AR5141.4
  • Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace/Employee Assistance Program: BP4020, BP4159
  • Environmental Safety: AR3514
  • Family Care and Medical Leave: AR4161.8
  • Nondiscrimination in district programs and activities/Nondiscrimination in employment: BP0410, BP4030
  • Nonschool Employment: BP4136
  • Oath Or Affirmation: AR4212.3
  • Policy on Sexual Harassment: AR4119.11
  • Uniform Complaint Procedures/Fees and Charges: AR1312.3, BP3260
  • Universal Precautions: AR4119.43
  • Work-Related Injuries: BP4157.1