STARS After School Program

We are pleased to offer a free after school program until 6:00 p.m. daily at all six of our K-8 elementary schools. Our program is funded by the California Department of Education through the After School Education and Safety grant and by the U.S. Department of Education through the 21st Century Community Learning Centers grant. The main focus of the STARS After School program is to provide an environment that allows learners to explore new experiences and learning opportunities in a SAFE and structured environment. The STARS After School program plays an important and critical role in keeping learners safe, increasing academic performance and attendance while providing students with fun, challenging, and enriching learning opportunities connected to real-world collaboration and problem-solving such as project-based learning, incorporating sports, fitness, art, dance, tutoring, and nutritional education.



  • 333 N Westwood Ave
  • (559) 562-6303 x 5330


  • 1701 E Tulare Ave
  • (559) 562-5466 x5524


  • 851 N Stanford Ave
  • (559) 562-2571 x 5425


  • 340 N Harvard
  • (559) 562-1311 x5679


  • 461 W Hickory
  • (559) 562-7208 x1539


  • 451 E Samoa St

  • 559-562-5916- Ext 5219

Application Process

Due to the high volume of applicants, if your packet is incomplete, your child will not be admitted into the STARS program until your packet is complete. All registration packets will be dated upon their return to the school. Acceptance into the After School Program will be first come first served. It is extremely important to return your complete packet back to your school site as soon as possible. We are currently accepting registration forms for grades K-8 at all schools.

STARS Site Coordinators