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In June 2016, the Chan/Zuckerberg Initiative announced a new partnership with Lindsay Unified School District to scale and support transformative models of teaching, learning, and system re-design in public education. Lindsay Leads is designed to prepare the people, system, and structures internally to intentionally and strategically support, empower and motivate other educational entities to transform their systems to personalized models.

With support of a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Bush Foundation of Minnesota, we are building capacity to scale and support personalized educational models. Teams consisting of learners, learning facilitators, classified staff, and administrators are available for assessment, consultation, training, professional development, resource development and coaching.

PBS District Visitation

Lindsay Unified School District routinely receives requests from various districts throughout California and other states to come and observe our Performance-based System (PBS) in action.

For the 24-25 School Year, we are planning:

  • One-Day Power Visit (limit 40 people), Dates: 12/5/24 and 3/6/25.

**Intended for first-time visitors.**

Includes Orientation to PBS, Learning Community Visits (K-8 and 9-12), Panel Discussions, Continental Breakfast, and full Lunch.

  • Two-Day Deep Dive (limit 30 people), Dates 11/7/24 & 11/8/2024; 2/6/25 & 2/7/2025.

Day One- same as above

Day Two- personalized deep dive that can encompass one of two options idenified below;

Option 1: Customized Professional Learning with deep dives based on participants interest and needs. Sample topics include: Transformational Leadership; Competency Based Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting; Technology for Teaching and Learning; Learner-Centered Culture & System Change.

Option 2: Spend A Day with a Life of A Lindsay Learner, Learning Facilitator or site Lindsay Leader.

Full list of offerings included in the registration survey. Continental Breakfast and full Lunch both days. Day 2 intended for teams poised or in process towards learner center designs.

  • Specialized Visits can be arranged by request (limit 40 people).

Registrations are limited, so reserve your space now!

For questions concerning visitation or registration, or to request a specialized visit, please email Samantha Gomez at:

For specific questions regarding PBS, please email Barry Sommer:

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