Injury & Illness Prevention Program

In order to maintain a safe and healthful work environment, the Lindsay Unified School District has developed an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) for all employees to follow. This document describes the goals, statutory authority, and the responsibilities of all employees under the program. By making employee safety a high priority for every employee, we can reduce injuries and illnesses, increase productivity, and promote a safer and healthier environment for all individuals at Lindsay Unified School District.

The Department Head or his/her qualified designee will investigate all accidents, injuries, occupational illnesses, and near-miss incidents to identify the root cause. Appropriate repairs or procedural changes will be implemented promptly to correct the hazards or behaviors implicated in these events.

Employees are encouraged to bring to the District’s attention any potential health or safety hazard that may exist in the work area. The attached Employee Safety Recommendation form can be used for this purpose.